This is our ‘Introductory to Mental Performance’ program. It allows our athletes to gain an understanding of how their mind works and how they can manage performance anxiety and the ebbs and flows of confidence by using proven mental performance strategies.
This is perfect for junior athletes who may play multiple sports or are just at the beginning of their elite sporting journey.  Over 3 sessions – we establish how confidence is authentically developed, access and evolve the athlete’s growth mindset, and implement mental performance approaches to get the best out of themselves in competition.
  • Email summary of each session
  • Mental development strategies
  • Text & email access


This is our most popular program and involves 6 x 45 minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions – ideal for those looking to get to the next level in their sport.  First off, we establish the goals the athlete is committed to achieving and begin the developmental process.

We understand that each athlete is unique and different in their own way, and our in-game analysis allows us to accurately assess the athlete in more depth and identify any blind spots that may be holding them back from maximizing their potential in real-time. We generally attend one competition at the beginning and one towards the conclusion of the program allowing us to measure the athlete’s progress. This has become an iconic part of our coaching program and in turn separates us from most sports psychologists and other mental performance coaches where they work to the confinements of what is presented to them from the parent or athlete.

Athletes also receive 2 complimentary tickets to a Rise Above Adversity Sponsored Workshop (worth $699) as well as their very own ‘One Percent Club’ Portfolio where they can access and refer back to all content from the Elite Mindset Coaching Program.

  • 2x Game Summaries
  • One Percent Club Portfolio
  • 2x Performance Workshop ticket